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Assessment Test

Unlike many assessment test systems that offer only scores and no real answers, PeopleAnswers provides detailed backup documentation, complete narratives on how the candidate assessment test score was established, and four categories of recommendations that effectively predict the candidate’s overall fit to the organization.

To better quantify an overall fit decision, the following tools are included in the PeopleAnswers employee assessment report.

Hiring Recommendations

The reports for PeopleAnswers' job assessment test include four recommendation levels to assist HR managers in the employee selection process. Each level is indicative of how well the candidate’s assessment score matches established index parameters related to the open position’s Performance Profile. The strongest match category is “Recommended,” followed by “Recommended with Qualifications,” “Recommended with Reservations,” and “Not Recommended.” Every candidate report contains extensive backup documentation explaining exactly why a certain score was earned.

Dashboard—Look at the big picture

Critical information from the assessment test is summarized and presented graphically in an easy-to-understand format for quick reference. Links allow you to quickly drill deeper into the specific sections you want to investigate further.

Key Performance Indicators—Determine fit and strength of key competencies

Candidate behavioral characteristics are aggregated into competencies (our proprietary version or your customized selections) so that you can effectively understand each candidate’s fit for a particular area.

The ability to determine the overall fit of the candidate makes the PeopleAnswers career assessment test an indispensable part of the hiring process. To see the technology for yourself, click here to contact PeopleAnswers and schedule a brief, online software demonstration.

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