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Pre-Employment Testing

PeopleAnswers' pre-employment testing gives you access to a wealth of information on your candidate pool. PeopleAnswers goes deeper than any resumé to expose the Behavioral DNA® under the surface. Evaluations of 38 primary behavioral traits recorded within the robust reporting features let you truly “know” your candidate before the first interview, which results in better employee selection and helps reduce employee turnover.

Candidate reports from the pre-employment testing software are generated instantly once a job candidate completes the online behavioral questionnaire. (We can also automatically notify clients by e-mail as soon as an assessment is submitted.) Our system compares the candidate's Behavioral DNA against the position’s Performance Profile to develop a comprehensive employment assessment report focused on improving employee performance. That report is available for your review online using any common Web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Netscape… even on your Web-enabled cell phone.

Assessment Test

A wide array of in-depth feedback within the pre-employment assessment report indicates the overall fit of every candidate. Learn more about assessment testing.

Employee Performance Metrics

Drill down within the assessment to review candidates’ behaviors regarding six Core Competencies, as well as added competencies that you specify. Learn more about competencies and metrics in assessment testing.

Candidate Interview Questions

PeopleAnswers gives clients the added resource of dynamically-generated interview questions that speak directly to candidates’ behavioral patterns. Learn more about candidate interview questions.

Career Path Planning

Does a certain entry-level employee possess the characteristics of a manager? Who has the skills to make a lateral move to another position? The PeopleAnswers' pre-employment assessment testing provides immediate answers. Learn more about career path planning.

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