PeopleAnswers Workflow

PeopleAnswers Workflow

Does your organization lack an efficient way to track job applicants through your company’s own Web site? We can help.

Candidate Workflow

PeopleAnswers offers an intuitive, highly scalable solution to evaluate a large number of candidates for our clients. This solution is also very user-friendly and accommodates an advanced workflow.

As candidates apply for a position, your hiring managers can see all job applicants  through a variety of “views.” Those views include:

  • Testing: Candidates that are in the process of applying and are currently taking the behavioral test are found here.
  • Screened Out: If screening questions have been activated for a position, the candidates that have been eliminated from consideration will be here.
  • Available: When candidates first become eligible for consideration, they are listed here.
  • Short-Listed, Deferred, Archived: Hiring managers can choose to move candidates to these views at their discretion.

Any of these position views can also be customized or expanded to better accommodate your company’s own workflow process. For instance, you can easily create an “Offer Pending” or a “Background Check Requested” view in which to place your candidates.

Kiosk Support

Do you want to let job candidates apply from a freestanding kiosk? We can help there too. PeopleAnswers’ candidate application process is designed to function seamlessly with a kiosk, and with either a keyboard or a touch screen.

Multiple Languages

PeopleAnswers provides full support for the candidate application process (including online tests and candidate communications) in different languages, including:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French (Canadian)
  • French (European)
  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Italian

All international versions have been painstakingly translated and validated. Behavioral tests undergo a very rigid re-certification process upon translation.

Security & Scalability

PeopleAnswers’ system features best-of-class functionality. In addition, some of our clients have hundreds of hiring managers across hundreds of locations, plus tens of thousands of candidates going through our system every week. So we constantly monitor our hardware systems to ensure that we can easily accommodate the challenges of a large volume of users and a high level of complexity.

Each individual with access to your PeopleAnswers’ account will be assigned a geography and a role. The geography delineates what locations in your enterprise this person can view (for example, Chicago, Florida Western Region, District 214, or North America). The role stipulates which PeopleAnswers options will be available for this user when they log in. Then, for auditing purposes, we track everything your employees do within our system.

Résumé Collection

When job candidates have résumés and cover letters in electronic form, they can upload those through the PeopleAnswers system. Those files are then made available for your hiring managers to access at any time.

Employment Applications

PeopleAnswers can convert your current paper employment application to an electronic form. Candidates can complete the form during their interaction with PeopleAnswers. When your hiring manager is ready to extend a job offer to a candidate, they can easily print the completed form for signature and processing.

Allow the PeopleAnswers’ workflow to simplify the hiring process in your organization. Click here to contact PeopleAnswers and schedule a brief, online software demonstration.

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