Pre-Employment Screening - Pre-Employment Assessment

Pre-Employment Assessment

Our pre-employment assessment solution is designed to help you reduce employee turnover and improve employee performance by duplicating the attributes of your organization's strongest performers.

Objectively define & quantify the Behavioral DNA® that drives success on the job

At the core of PeopleAnswers' predictive capability is our pre-employment assessment software's ability to match candidates against a custom Performance Profile for each one of your positions. By correlating the Behavioral DNA of your existing employees against their performance data, each Performance Profile objectively captures the unique behavioral and cognitive attributes that separate your existing productivity leaders who go above and beyond from your other employees (see details in How We Differ / Science).

Stop relying on subjective competencies and "gut feel" hiring

Most traditional competencies rely on the subjective "gut feel" of your managers to come up with the required traits for a position. This approach is flawed — there is little to no correlation between subjective competencies and actual success in a position (i.e., increased retention and improved performance). PeopleAnswers' objective employment assessment solution uses customized Performance Profiles to measure the actual behavioral and cognitive traits that define success in your positions.

Leverage a consistent benchmark of success across all your locations

With your Performance Profiles in place, your recruiters and hiring managers can take advantage of the same objective model of success. Through the Internet all your locations securely access the same predictive modeling to quickly evaluate candidates based on the same criteria proven to drive results. Our secure pre-employment assessment test software solution was designed from the ground up to easily scale to your needs and accommodate the complexities of the largest companies. Our brand promise to you:  Easy, Scalable, Predictive.

The results are undisputable — see our long list of Case Studies.

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