Employee Development

Employee Development

Every company executive would agree that a well-trained staff is a great asset. When every employee gets the chance to improve performance and develop into a maximum producer, a valuable team player, and a "promotable" entity, you maximize YOUR ROI and THEIR job satisfaction. The problem? Finding an employee development program that is customized to every individual, provides built-in coaching expertise, and is easy to implement.

At PeopleAnswers, we've created the tool that does all of the above while making employee development productive, informative, and powerful.

The PeopleAnswers employee development tool makes the process easier and more efficient. Our assessment test probes deeply into each candidate’s Behavioral DNA® to extract extensive insights as to what makes that person tick. These behavioral details, which were so crucial during the hiring process, now serve as the backbone in providing management with specific direction and content for periodic employee development programs and goal-setting discussions.

Our module provides the employee development content to transform the most hesitant supervisor into a career coach. At the same time, the assessment report provides an instant snapshot of every employee's strengths, notable characteristics, and opportunities for development. Specific sections may include, for instance, detailed narratives on discipline, stress tolerance, flexibility, leadership impact, assertiveness, and ambition. A single mouse click on any of these terms opens up a full coaching dialogue that can be strategically explored with the employee over weeks or months.

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