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Some of the largest and most respected retailers like Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Famous Footwear, RadioShack, PetSmart, and Neiman Marcus use PeopleAnswers as their talent assessment solution because of our outstanding success within the retail industry:

PeopleAnswers helps retail clients generate these results—as well as other business improvements—with a next-generation assessment system and people-centered process that expertly address the dynamic nature of the retail industry and identifies candidates that will excel in that arena. 

Common Retail Profile Creation Metrics We Have Used:

- Sales $ Volume

- Payroll (MGMT)

- Sales Units

- Shrink (MGMT)

- % to Goal

- Operating Income (MGMT)

- Up-Sell or Accessory Sales

- Items Per Transaction

- Guest Satisfaction Surveys

- Mystery Shopper Scores

- Sales Per Hour

- Performance Evaluations

Common Roadblocks We Overcome During Deployment:

  • Operational Buy-In
  • Major Change from Paper to Online
  • Technology – No Internet or Slow Internet or Satellite Connection
  • Communication Challenges with Large Scale Clients
  • Relationship with the Field
  • Managing Large Number of Users

Best Practices We Have Adopted With Retailers:

  • Spend time learning about their business cycle (peak times, fiscal year end, etc.)
  • Consider how full-time & part-time performance may differ (PT may be higher since they work peak hours)
  • Automating 3rd party integrations helps managers save time and increases buy-in
  • Create a custom online training and make it part of new hire process (high turnover)
  • Simple is best with workflow and training
  • Test the system in the field to make sure client has the necessary technology
  • Create scripts for support for major issues or changes
  • Co-training with the client is very effective
  • Avoid year to year comparisons as a metric (impacts both sample size and studies)
  • Try to establish a monthly communication with the field (i.e., monthly newsletter)


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AmeriPride reaps the benefits as PeopleAnswers delivers on its brand promise: a simple, scalable, predictive tool that improves your quality of hires

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