HR Challenges

HR Challenges

The HR challenges facing corporate human resource professionals seem, at first glance, insurmountable: minimize turnover, maximize employee performance, and develop career plans.

All three HR challenges are difficult, if not impossible, to address without a very special tool designed to meet the specific needs of the corporate HR function. PeopleAnswers provides that tool—with online access, cutting-edge automation, proven science, and rich content—giving clients the capabilities to manage these three major areas within HR. The system works for you 24/7, rain or shine, making extensive, detailed reporting available when you need it.


In business, turnover is one of the top HR challenges; creating a drain on revenue across all industries. With PeopleAnswers, turnover can be reduced by 20%-50%. After taking our assessment, each candidate’s Behavioral DNA® is matched against the customized Performance Profile for the position. When you hire candidates with characteristics similar to the profile, the usual result is happier, more satisfied, long-term employees. Clients have dramatically improved employee retention by reducing turnover as much as 59% in their “Recommended” hires compared to other employee groups over time. Learn more…


Corporate productivity is dependent on the performance of your people. PeopleAnswers clients who consistently use our system-generated recommendations as a hiring guideline find that the performance of “Recommended” employees regularly outpace other employee groups by substantial, measurable increments. Recent comparisons of on-the-job activities of “Recommended” hires versus “Not Recommended” or “Not Assessed” hires reflect performance upgrades of up to 74% per employee. When you apply performance increases of that magnitude to your customer service team, sales force, or warehouse staff, it’s a mathematical fact that using the PeopleAnswers hiring tool can help generate additional revenue that is currently missing from your bottom line. Learn more…


Employee development is one of the most daunting HR challenges faced by most companies. PeopleAnswers delivers the perfect tool for in-depth, dynamic, candidate-specific content that pinpoints exact developmental areas of opportunity. To generate the greatest positive impact on employee production, satisfaction, and the “promotability” factor, managers can use the PeopleAnswers Development module as an important resource for regular employee discussions. The Development section provides in-depth narratives to help supervisors coach and develop their employees regarding strengths, weaknesses, and various notable characteristics. Review the information at a glance, or dive deeper to develop a full-scale, long term development plan. Learn more…

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