White Papers

White Papers

Leading organizations trust the assessment testing expertise of PeopleAnswers to gain measurable results through process efficiency, reductions in employee turnover, and overall employee performance gains.

Below is our current selection of white papers, to which we add new titles regularly (bookmark this page to check for future postings). To learn more on a particular topic of interest, click the title below to download the Adobe PDF version in a new browser window.

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Selecting an Assessment Technology: Five Business Principles Vital to Your Success

Assessment technology is a mission critical component for a majority of business organizations. This white paper discusses five principles of evaluating and selecting an assessment technology that will help you to build and retain a productive workforce.

The 7 Misconceptions Regarding Performance Profiles

Discover the Science Driving the Success of Evidence-Based Talent Strategies

How to Launch New Employees to Success with Behavioral Onboarding Techniques

Successful onboarding is more likely to lead to highly engaged employees, longer tenures, better on-the-job success, and a shorter countdown to full productivity—the type of results that impact your company’s bottom line in a big way!

Taking a Behavioral Bite Out of Crime

After an extensive study of over 50,000 retail employees, research points to job ‘fit’ as an early indicator of employee theft.

What You Need to Know About Leadership

Since the inception of business, organizations have searched for clues to help identify and select successful leaders. Within this white paper, PeopleAnswers unveils new clues to the mystery of true leadership behaviors.

Redline Your Business “RPMs” (Revenue, Profit, Manpower) With Enhanced Competency Models

Skills and tasks are often the lead topics of competency discussions, but the real insight is found in the core behaviors that naturally drive success in a specific job. Use this white paper to help you supercharge your competencies for maximum impact.

Performance-Based Interviewing: Strategies to Identify the Game-Changers in Your Candidate Pool

If you are an HR professional or recruiter who conducts interviews or oversees hiring activities, this white paper is especially relevant to you. Improve your interviewing techniques using the link between job performance and candidate behaviors.

The Productivity Cycle: Transforming Your Workforce from an Expense to a Profit Center

Company profits are driven by improving employee performance. Using the Productivity Cycle, you will learn how to use position performance data to improve the output of each employee and drive profits to new levels.

Assessment Practices that Insulate You from the Elements

A quality employment assessment must include multiple safeguards designed to ensure data authenticity and system functionality. This white paper explains what the better assessment testing processes should provide to protect you from the elements.

The Fundamentals of a Coaching Session

Preparation is the game plan for developing talent. Five concepts—know the situation, stay focused, keep it real, keep it balanced, and maximize time and quality—will keep your employee coaching sessions effective and on track.

Attracting Generation Y Employees

The new generation that's entering the employment marketplace is one like no other before it. They have the potential to be talented, educated, and techno-savvy... real assets to your business. But how do you recruit and retain them?

Six Things You Should Consider Before Investing in a Testing and Assessment Solution

In the last decade, the employment assessment industry has grown exponentially. Technology has pushed the boundaries of traditional assessments onto the Internet. Consider these six points as you attempt to harness the latest technological advances.

Succeed with the Soft Stuff

A résumé simply tells us what the candidate has been doing for a period of time. It does not answer the critical question of how well they have been doing it. An individual's match to the position's ideal profile creates true business value.

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