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Retail Experience Drives Accelerated Implementation

New York & Company
Melissa DeCew

Hiring managers see immediate benefits from deployment thanks to PeopleAnswers' retail experience

Industry: Retail

Best Fit Drives Streamlined Hiring

Boston Market
Jason Lessman

Best Fit empowers managers to match candidates and roles for both selection and talent development

Industry: Restaurants

Success Leads to Expansion

James Sennott

Successful results drive addition of talent analytics to identify candidates for higher level positions

Industry: Restaurants

Enabling Data-Based Hiring Decisions

Liz Stump

Recruiters and hiring managers use data to streamline the selection process

Industry: Financial Services

Keeping a Full Candidate Pipeline

Missy Riley

High volume recruiting is enabled through ongoing access to quality candidates

Industry: Property Management

Custom Profiles Enable Reduced Turnover

Bev Givens

Fazoli's saves time and reduces turnover by focusing on the right candidates

Industry: Restaurants

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