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High Hotels

High Hotels Achieves 30% Employee Turnover Reduction With PeopleAnswers

  • Date:
    • Oct 10, 2007
  • Industry:
    • Hotels & Casinos

High Hotels, a chain of franchised hotels throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, reduced employee turnover across its entire portfolio

“A job well done... and a customer well served... is the best advertisement.” So goes the corporate mantra that has driven the success of High Hotels. The company's portfolio of properties includes Hampton Inn Hotels, Hampton Inn & Suites, Homewood Suites by Hilton Hotels, Hilton Garden Inns, and Courtyard by Marriott Hotels.

The company has consistently won national awards from both Promus Hotels and Hilton Hotels Corporation. In one year a High Hotels location won the “Circle of Excellence Award” while another location was recognized for the “Highest Guest Satisfaction Scores” in the history of Homewood Suites.

Business Challenge

High Hotels’ emphasis on quality and their desire to “set the bar high” for all employees was being accomplished with standard hiring procedures in the consistently challenging, high-turnover environment of the hospitality industry. Once hired, the company excelled at quickly recognizing employee potential and maximizing performance. But the challenge of predicting which employees would perform to the standards of High Hotels before they were hired remained. High Hotels wanted to reduce its investment in “bad hires.”

The PeopleAnswers Solution

The response to this challenge demanded a careful balancing act. While turnover reduction was a major goal, superior customer service could not be sacrificed at the cost of increased tenure.

PeopleAnswers partnered with High Hotels in meeting this challenge by deploying a performance-based methodology (Performance DNA™) that would help identify the unique traits in High Hotels employees that:

  • Contribute most strongly and consistently to high employee performance and customer service.
  • Are highly correlated with longer tenure.

Custom Performance Profiles™ were developed by assessing High Hotels’ job requirements and matching behavioral characteristics that would effectively measure potential candidates that best fit the role. This information was examined to objectively define:

  1. Traits most consistent in Top Performers within each position.
  2. Strengths unique to Top Performers (i.e., not exhibited at similar levels by employees with weaker records of performance).

High Hotels then deployed PeopleAnswers’ Web-based technology for each of the locations to screen candidates against the Performance Profiles. This provided a quantitative analysis of each candidate’s performance and tenure potential.

Additional candidate-specific assessment results are provided by PeopleAnswers in a user friendly format. Results include custom interview questions to help recruiters and hiring managers confirm or deny findings of the assessment, thereby evaluating each candidate more effectively.


Overall, turnover was reduced by an average of 30% across all locations in just the first year. Some select examples include:

  • 20% reduction in turnover at the Homewood Suites in Harrisburg, PA
    - From 74% down to 54%
  • 32% reduction in turnover at the Hampton Inn in Middletown, NY
    - From 84% down to 48%
  • 59% reduction in turnover at the Homewood Suites in Reading, PA
    - From 96% down to 37%
  • 62% reduction in turnover at the Hampton Inn in York, PA
    - From 93% down to 31%

High Hotels Achieves 30% Employee Turnover Reduction With PeopleAnswers

The Bottom Line

Implementation of the PeopleAnswers solution made a significant and immediate impact on employee turnover while also maintaining the superior level of customer service demanded by High Hotels.

The company investment in PeopleAnswers has paid for itself many times over in just the first year of deployment through reductions in hiring, onboarding, and training costs.

As the company’s locations are increasingly staffed by employees selected using PeopleAnswers, the bar for performance and tenure is continuing to rise. In response to the strong first year results generated by PeopleAnswers, High Hotels is scaling the system to include additional locations to further drive employee performance and business success.

High Hotels Achieves 30% Employee Retention Increase With PeopleAnswers

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