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Luxury Hotels Deploy PeopleAnswers to Reduce Turnover by 56%

  • Date:
    • Jun 26, 2011
  • Industry:
    • Hotels & Casinos
  • HR Challenge:
    • Employee Turnover

Hospitality company relies on quality service to provide memorable customer experience

The operating company of an elegant hotel and resort group achieved a 56% reduction in 30-day turnover among Food and Beverage servers when using the PeopleAnswers personality profile test. The Guest Services division also generated a 35% turnover reduction by hiring new employees from the assessed candidate group.

Business Challenge

To stay at the top of the ultra-competitive hotel industry, this resort management company places high expectations on each employee to deliver world class service and attentiveness to its customers. To ensure that the hotels have an excellent candidate pool from which to select quality associates, management called on PeopleAnswers’ pre-employment assessment expertise to help identify the candidates best suited for working in its unique, high-end hotels.

The PeopleAnswers Solution

PeopleAnswers customized several distinct Performance Profiles for this hotel group including positions in Food and Beverage and Guest Services. Incumbents were assessed in the target positions to determine their cognitive ability and Behavioral DNA®. That data was then aligned with performance evaluations designed to measure highly-valued job behaviors. This analysis formed the basis of Performance Profiles that identify candidates who will most likely achieve results comparable to the most productive employees working within the company’s boutique hotels and resorts.


In a study of 624 of its hotel staff spanning over two years, the job candidates selected after being assessed by the PeopleAnswers talent selection tool were associated with statistically significant turnover reductions compared to those who were not assessed during the hiring process.

  • Assessed hires in the Food and Beverage group exhibited a 56% reduction in turnover after 30 days on the job compared to non-assessed hires that were added to the staff during the same period.

Luxury Hotels Deploy PeopleAnswers to Reduce Turnover by 56%

  • Over the full two-year study period, assessed members of the Guest Services team reduced turnover by a factor of 35% compared to non-assessed hires for the same period.

The Bottom Line

When visiting resort destinations across the country, keep a watchful eye for the most distinctive hotel in town; chances are, it’s a jewel in the family of this high-end boutique hotel group. With the hotel management team using the most sophisticated hiring technology in the industry to select quality employees, visitors can be confident that the service provided will be tops in the industry.

Luxury Hotels Deploy PeopleAnswers to Increase Retention by 56%

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