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Panera Bread


609000 Panera Cares Community Cafe - St. Louis


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*St. Louis


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Opportunity for a one-of-a-kind role at a unique nonprofit concept! We are currently seeking a Cares Ambassador for Panera Cares Community Cafe Panera Cares Panera Cares is a nonprofit community cafe of shared responsibility that is run on a donation-based system. Cares Ambassador Profile - Compassion, empathy and genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others - Purpose-driven, self-accountable and inquisitive - Exceptional communications skills, articulate, able to talk to anyone - Ability to make decisions on what is right or wrong while staying true to the Panera Cares mission - Passion for the Panera Cares mission - Mature (self-reliant, self-critical, and self-motivating) - Experience in de-escalation and working with diverse populations - Customer service experience is preferable - Non-profit experience a plus Cares Ambassador Responsibilities - The Panera Cares greeter is the ultimate ambassador of the Panera Cares mission. - Assist management in their goal of securing our cafe to be a safe, warm and welcoming environment - Ensure a dignified dining experience for all - Educating customers and community members about our mission - Additional responsibilities include: • Own our mission through all of your actions and interactions • Active participant in our volunteer program • Positive presence to diffuse potential difficult situations that are not aligned with our mission • Relationship-building with customers and visitors to our cafe References and resume required

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South Central - Panera Cares

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Retail Hourly

Panera Cares

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