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Personality Assessment

The PeopleAnswers Personality Inventory (PPI) is a leading-edge personality assessment tool that was specifically designed for web-based personality testing for the modern day workforce. An emphasis on rigorous scientific validation ensures that both the original validation and continued validation studies are focused specifically on real world job applicants. Ongoing studies are constantly leveraged to maximize the employee personality test’s relevance and accuracy. Each aspect of the PPI, from the instructions to the interpretation of the constructs, is robustly validated with volumes of documentation derived from millions of candidates studied.  Because the PPI was designed for a technologically advanced audience, many cutting-edge features have been integrated into the personality profile test to provide the most accurate personality testing data.

Capturing the Behavioral Core


The PPI personality assessment battery is designed to capture and quantify 38 unique behavioral dimensions. According to our research, an individual’s behavioral preferences, or “core behaviors,” remain consistent over time. Therefore, improvements in job performance may be achieved by increasing employees’ “capacity” to stretch their core behaviors (not change them) to better fulfill the duties of the position.

Employee Life Cycle

By accurately capturing the core behavioral preferences of each candidate, a consideration of natural fit can be automatically presented via the web to any hiring manager world wide through our Performance Profile process. Additionally, the information captured using the PPI behavioral assessment is further leveraged through the PeopleAnswers “Onboarding” and “Coaching & Development” tools. These modules are designed to assist a manager or coach in working with incumbents to identify areas of opportunity, then coach to increase capacity in certain dimensions of their personality where a core value does not perfectly align with the requirements of the role.

Authenticity Alert

Interesting assessment fact: Through technology, the Authenticity Alert built into the PPI tells us more about a candidate’s personality assessment experience than could a proctor standing in the same room with the candidate. The Authenticity Alert is a cutting edge embedded application that consists of a series of sophisticated algorithms developed from the study of millions of job applicants. The Authenticity Alert is designed to “flag” abnormal candidate response sets.  Candidates with anomalies are made apparent to the hiring manager, thus giving the client a deeper insight into the candidate’s assessment experience and providing the relevant documentation to resolve any abnormalities later in the selection process. This feature is an indicator of whether a high quality assessment experience was achieved to obtain the most accurate behavioral information, or is it advantageous to dig a bit deeper into certain behavioral disconnects.

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