Performance Profiles

Performance Profiles

Imagine if you could define the characteristics that make your top employees exceptional—and hire new employees with the exact same traits. PeopleAnswers’ Performance Profiles allow you to do just that.

The Performance Profile, which lies at the core of PeopleAnswers’ technology, empowers you to find the most productive, highest-performing employees for your company. Performance Profiles work in tandem with the PeopleAnswers behavioral assessment to identify your unique approach to business success – and to recognize potential employees who possess these same qualities. In identifying the core behavioral characteristics of your top performers, the Performance Profiles reveal what makes these outstanding employees unique, allowing you to select candidates who strengthen your market presence, your brand, and your culture. The Performance Profiles’ objective hiring methodology has been proven by a multitude of case studies (check it out) to recommend the best employees—and lead to vast improvements in tenure, productivity, and ROI.

Keys to Predicting Success

Performance Profiles make sure you get the most out of your workforce by:

  • Making selection decisions based on actual data – Performance Profiles, providing the link between behaviors and actual performance data, ensure that hiring decisions are based on facts that are proven to predict success on the job.
  • Defining success – We aren’t satisfied with employees who can “just get by.” Performance Profiles don’t identify candidates who merely satisfy the minimum requirements of a given role—they find employees who will surpass your expectations.
  • Removing non-fact-based opinions – Don’t stake the future of your organization on office politics or the “gut feel” of a few hiring managers. Remove personal bias by using Performance Profiles to detect behaviors that are scientifically proven to make employees successful.
  • Staying current – Performance Profiles are built using the behavioral traits and recent performance data of your current employees, capturing the most relevant predictive model available from your organization.
  • Maximizing odds – Using Performance Profiles makes you much more likely to hire people who will stay longer, produce more, and feel at home in your organization.
  • Finding a natural fit - Research indicates that the more naturally a candidate fits with a company, the more likely he or she is to retain his or her job, be more productive, and remain satisfied over the long term.
  • Reducing the guesswork – No hiring manager can identify the 38 behavioral traits measured by the PeopleAnswers behavioral assessment, statistically analyze them, and measure them accurately against the existing culture of a company in the blink of an eye. Performance Profiles eliminate the need for guesswork by providing deep insight into the behaviors that translate into on-the-job success in your company.
  • Proving effectiveness – The product of the Performance Profile process is a predictive behavioral model that creates tangible ROI. In identifying strong performers and reducing turnover, the model drives quantifiable improvements in job performance for your organization.

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