Through integration, PeopleAnswers’ detailed insights, narratives, coaching plans, and development resources are made available to all of your other HR-IS applications. PeopleAnswers has extensive experience with many of today’s leading HR-IS vendors, including Infor Lawson, SAP, PeopleSoft, Taleo, ADP VirtualEdge, Peopleclick, Ultimate Software, HRLogix, FIRSTAdvantage, and HRSmart.

By taking advantage of the latest technology (XML via Web Services), PeopleAnswers and your other HR-IS applications can automatically exchange data in the background. There are no files to import or manual processes to execute.  Our process happens seamlessly and out of sight—computer to computer.

Here are a few examples of how our customers leverage the content generated within PeopleAnswers in their other HR-IS applications:

  • Applicant Tracking Systems—as your ATS manages the candidate workflow, you can seamlessly incorporate the testing features and candidate feedback provided by PeopleAnswers into your ATS.
  • Background/Credit Check—by clicking on an icon next to the candidate’s name, PeopleAnswers can automatically communicate with your background/credit check vendor and initiate the service request.  When the results become available from your vendor, they are then automatically updated in PeopleAnswers.
  • Payroll/Benefits System—when you are ready to hire, a few clicks in PeopleAnswers will electronically transfer all of the candidate’s information we have previously captured into your payroll/benefits system, eliminating typing mistakes and streamlining your hiring process.
  • Performance Management System—the coaching and development module generated by PeopleAnswers can be automatically incorporated into the performance plans created in your external systems.  The data you collect externally can also be automatically incorporated into your PeopleAnswers Performance Profiles.
  • Learning Management Systems—you can use the valuable insights generated by PeopleAnswers inside your LMS.  Learning curriculums can now be automatically customized to meet the development opportunities of each individual employee.
  • Succession Planning—we help you consider your employee’s Behavioral DNA® against their future positions’ Performance Profiles for the best succession planning. Is the employee better suited for an eventual District Manager position, or Store Manager? With PeopleAnswers, you know the future at a glance.

Click here to contact PeopleAnswers and schedule a brief, online software demonstration of the features that could be integrated into your existing applicant tracking system.

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